Monday, 17 August 2009

Aromatherapy Stick, Seriously Cool

I saw this and just had to post it. Us men we like our gadgets don't we? Well here is one of the coolest gadgets I've see for aromatherapy. It's a USB essential oil diffuser. It's the size of a normal USB stick with a small pad for you to drop the essential oil into. Apparently it takes a few minutes to warm up and when it does it's just as good as any other type of diffuser. I generally use and candle burner on a shelf about a metre away from my laptop, right now I'm just relaxing whilst surfing the net so I'm burning some Lavender (lavendula Officinalis/Angustifolium) but when I need work I burn Rosemary which aids concentration. Rosemary is great for the kids too when they're doing their homework.

Most USB gizmo's that you see are really gimmicky with no practical applications. Yes, they're fun and yes, they can be a talking point in the office but I think this one is a real winner, just plug it add your preferred oil and away you go. Forget those energy drinks with caffeine, taurine and all that other stuff which taken regularly can be quite harmful, just get yourself one of these and a apple and a banana to boost your energy level

Seriously Cool!!!!!

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