Monday, 3 August 2009

Make your own shaving oil

Years ago my barber recommended that I use shaving oils to shave with as they're the best product. You can buy these in all of the big retailer but they're expensive. The following video shows you how to make your own shaving oil using the same essential oils as one of the biggest high street brands for a fraction of the price.


  1. Thank you for the video. It was very informative and I hope to be able to concoct my own shaving oil. I find it superior to any shaving creme or soap.

  2. Thanks Darren. This is really useful.

    Only thing missing was I would have been interested to know why you picked the oils you did - I'm pretty sure tea tree is antiseptic so helps with any razor burn or cuts. Other I'm not sure of.

  3. Absolutely brilliant - I even apply it post-shave to soothe my skin. Thanks for posting! Do you have any good aromatherapy books that you'd recommend to a novice?
    Shaun - Denmark

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