Monday, 24 August 2009

Essential Oils the Gladiators Choice

Can you think of anything more macho than a gladiator? All of that fighting and muscles and costumes and stuff. Well if you're a guy and you use aromatherapy you can tell all of your mates that the Roman Gladiators used to aromatherpy to help keep them strong and vital, to help keep the nerves in check before battle, to ward off any colds so they wouldn't get sick and were at their best for battle. They used them as aphrodisiacs to help woo the women and they used essential oils after a fight to help sooth aching and tired muscles. Now I don't know about you but this doesn't seem very girly to me.

Aromatherapy in the present day has a very bad rep with the boys as being a bit sissy, if you were to tell the guys down the the pub or where ever you socialize that you use essential oils you'd probably never want to show your face there again. Now if you tell them about the gladiators it may just keep the micky taking down to a minimum.

Before the Romans essential oils were also used by the egyptians. They were such a treasured commodity that the pharaohs had essentials oils burried with them in their tomb with all of the other riches they'd accumulated.

Finally the greek athletes who took part in the original olymic games used essential oils regularly for the same reasons as the gladiators did. So if you want they edge in your health and fitness try using essential oils as a part of your daily routine, they're not just for girls

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